EcoGro/Class 1 Compost

EcoGro is an organic compost produced utilizing a combination of several feed stocks, including brewery residuals, clean food waste, various types of ground wood and biosolids. This top soil compost can be used as a soil amendment or top dressing to increase water retention and acts as a great source of nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur while also being low in salts. Can be used with all plant types and soil types, everything from sandy to clay soils. Great for turfgrass, gardening, flowers, trees and shrubs. Screened to 1/2″ minus for a fine texture with some woody particles for improved soil aeration and drainage.

Only available in Colorado (CO Brighton)

As Top Dressing:
1CY / 1000 sqft = 3/8″ Deep
2CY / 1000 sqft = 3/4″ Deep

As a Soil Amendment:
3CY / 1000 sqft = 1″ Deep
6CY / 1000 sqft = 2″ Deep

As Mulch:
Spring or Fall Application Only
3CY / 1000 sqft = 1″ Deep

Colors may vary from images shown due to the natural variations in rock sources. Visit a location to see current samples and stock. Call or visit us to learn more about product availability and pricing.